March 17, 2019

Permission to play

Every day

  • Exercise outside
  • ≤1 thing with refined sugar per day
  • At least one thing from the play-list


  • Climb something not meant to be climbed
  • Give someone something they’d like
  • Swim
  • Get someone to do something new
  • Find somewhere new

A friend’s observation: I’m too flat. I’m so focused on working, doing what I should’ that I shut out any chance of having fun, doing stupid things, and letting loose a little. I’m less the spontaneous, mischievous, curious person I used to be.

Solution: the play-list. It’s a short menu of provovative challenges to choose from each day. Do something from the play-list every single day. Take it as a challenge—it’s an excuse to have fun, be playful! Scheme a creative or ridiculous thing to do with someone else. Make a beeline for a part of town you’ve never set foot in before. It’s designed to cultivate spontenaity, and the precious skill of doing silly things because they’re fun and why not!?

We started with a long-list. Trying to think of things broad enough to allow creative interpretation. Challenging enough that they can’t be fudged. We wanted to cull to a short-list, so that all could be committed to memory, and there’d be no need for record keeping. From the long list, we picked out a set of five that would be the list. 5 different challenges that would put a spark in the day and stoke the adventure fire within.

We just set these today. I’ll be doing them every day for the next 90 days. I’ve no idea how it’ll go. There’ll probably be some that need changing. Maybe it ends up too easy, and the constraints need to be pushier. Maybe they’re not provocative enough? We’ll see. We’ll do them, and see.

What might your play-list be?

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